What we can do for you?

You can now shop as if you are here in United Kingdom...
Simply choose any product from any UK/EU website,

and let us get it for you!

Service charge is RM33 per item or RM100 for every 4 items in one order


Dear all,
Yukays Bargain was officially available to public in middle of April 2010. The whole idea is about us offering to be your shopping agent here in UK. We are doing this to expand your shopping experience by removing limitation that stop you from purchasing your desirable product.

You are no longer have limited choice because we are here to help you to grab those bargain. You can choose almost anything from UK/EU online store and let us deal with the rest. See the ordering process for detail.

Yukays Bargain catalog is just a very small sample from what available out there. You are free to go beyond suggested online store as long as it is UK/EU website. In other words, we will help you buy almost anything from UK/EU website and post it to you where ever you are at reasonable  and negotiable commission.

Remember this service will ease your burden from credit card hassle, you can pay with RM to our Maybank account as well as delivery since not all stores offer delivery to Malaysia. We will be your UK/EU Sale spy by updating latest news on offers and promotion. This service is offered to you including those who live outside Malaysia. Most welcoming Brunei, Singapore, Philippine, Indonesia, India etc.

We know it is more comfortable and safer to know who you are dealing with.

Name: Diana Ghazale
Date of birth: Jan 1985
Occupation: Student
Nationality: Malaysian
Current location: Birmingham, United Kingdom.
Hometown: Paroi, Negeri Sembilan.
Contact number: +447515815664

Name: Mohd Faizal Ali
Date of Birth: March 1985
Occupation: Student
Nationality: Malaysian
Current Location: Birmingham, UK
Hometown: Marang, Terengganu
Contact No: +447545857373

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